Sharon Ishida

Journalism Department

University of Hawaii


Photo courtesy of Ka Leo

Photo by Eric Alcantara



She has been mother to generations of aspiring young journalists.

Many – probably too many to recount here – credit Sharon Ishida with getting them through University of Hawaii journalism school and into the working press.

Mark Matsunaga, KHON managing editor, Ken Ige, assistant photo chief for the Star-Bulletin are just a few.


"Ken, you did register for next semester?" Sharon asked.


Sharon shook her head.

Without Sharon Ishida, I would not have graduated as quickly as I did (five

and a half years). Sharon pulled my butt out of that particular fire by

calling secretaries in other departments to get me into classes I needed. In

hindsight, maybe she was trying to get rid of me by helping me graduate


Sharon was my mom away from home. She encouraged me to apply for photo

equipment, er, scholarship money when I thought I didn't have a chance. She

told me about summer internships. She told me about the mistakes, failures

and successes of former students who became working journalists.

Her help and advice were priceless.

And so is Sharon.


Ken Ige

Fall '88 Graduate (barely)



Ishida has been journalism department secretary for 27 years, since it became independent of the English Department in 1974.

She also has helped the student chapter of SPJ on many of the chores that make for a successful chapter.

The University of Hawai'i Journalism Alumni Association has set up a Sharon Ishida Scholarship Fund for a student in the print broadcast or public relations.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please call Jan Kagehiro at 423-4983 or Kevin Imanaka at 432-4987, or visit the Web site at

Sharon, born and raised in Kaimuki, won’t venture very far: She retired for a new mothering career -- grandmother.

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