Gridiron 2003: Media Molesta


By Bruce Asato

Gridiron 2005: Return of the Gridi

Photo by Bruce Asato

Gridiron 2006: Raw and Untreated


Oct. 20-21 at Diamond Head Theatre

Gridiron 2007: Randomly Tested


Oct. 19 and 20, 2007

at Diamond Head Theatre


Mayor Mufi Hannemann visits after the show

Gridiron 2008: Predatory Pricing

 Bruce Asato

Low Bridge

Gridiron 2009

Photos by Bruce Asato

Gridiron 2010: There's No Business Like No Business

Gridiron 2011: New & Unproven

The eyes have it

Gridiron 2013: #SequesterThis

Gridiron 2015: On Time and On Budget
Aug. 27-29 at Diamond Head Theatre