2015 Excellence in Journalism Awards

June 24, 2016

Manoa Grand Ballroom


The 2015 Excellence in Journalism contest was judged, for the most part, by the Colorado chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, with the exception of the Overall Magazine Layout, which was judged by Star-Advertiser managing editors Betty Shimabuuro and Mike Rovner.


All Media A101 Column Writing or Blog/News

First Place: Ian Lind “Ian Lind” Civil Beat   Category Comment: "The winning entries all share the commonality of readability, and interesting insights into the history and culture of Hawaii, it's people and its politics."

Finalist: Ben Lowenthal “The State of Aloha” Maui News                 

Finalist: Neal Milner “Neal Milner” Civil Beat         


All Media A102  Column Writing or Blog/Features or Sports

First Place: Dennis Hollier “Broken: Stuck in Permit Purgatory” Hawaii Business Comment: “Great feature on a topic that is normally something that doesn't hold a reader's attention. Very well done. Layout and graphics added a lot to the story.”      

Finalist: Diane  Ako "KHON2's Jai Cunningham shares strength, inspiration after overcoming difficult youth" Honolulu Star-Advertiser                

Finalist: Michael Keany "Afterthoughts"    Honolulu Magazine         


All Media A103  Government Reporting

First Place: Jessica  Terrell “The Harbor: This Waianae Homeless Camp Is Not What You'd Expect” Civil Beat Category Comment: "Many excellent entries in this extremely competitive category. The winning entries tackled tough topics, provided clear and thorough analysis and gutsy tenacity. All were exceedingly well written."

Finalist: Nancy Cook Lauer “Kenoi gets personal with county credit card”   West Hawaii Today                        

Finalist: Lavonne Leong  "Talking Trash, July 2015" Honolulu Magazine      


All Media A104  Breaking News Reporting

First Place: Chris Sugidono, Melissa Tanji “Telescope protest” Maui News Comment: “True breaking news reporting of a protest. This reporter was on the scene to witness the chaos and the aftermath as protesters were arrested.”           

Finalist: Anita Hofschneider “Senators 11th-Hour Decisions Doomed Ching Nomination” Civil Beat


All Media A105  Health Reporting

First Place: Nathan Eagle “Adult Care Homes” Civil Beat    Comment: "The first place winner provided an incredibly well-researched and reported look into the state of Hawaii's adult care industry. No stone was unturned in the phenomenal, eye-opening report. The second and third place winners in this category were also well reported and written  on topics of critical importance."

Finalist: Ilima Loomis "Anxious, Traumatized, Depressed" Hawaii Business                

Finalist: Don Wallace "Facing a Silver Tsunami, October 2015" Honolulu Magazine


All Media A106  Science Reporting

First Place: Lavonne Leong “Our Water World” Hawaii Business Comment: "A cogent, reader-friendly take on the historical and geological sources of this precious resource, where it comes from now, where it's used, threats to its quality and its future for all. Excellent." Category Comment: "Everyone in this very strong category deserves an award, recognition and congratulations for making Hawaiians more aware of the world they live in."

Finalist: Jessica Terrell “Mauna Kea Telescopes: The Business Of Astronomy Is Not An Easy One” Civil Beat  Comment: "A sophisticated look at the business side of exploring space, the people, governments and corporations that do it, and the debate over benefits to the local community. Kudos!"

Finalist: Patricia  Tummons “Rapid Ohia Death” Environment Hawai'i Comment: "Excellent explanation of a tree-killing disease, the difficulties in stemming its spread, and a call to public action. Well done."


All Media A107  Data Journalism Story or Series

First Place: Nathan Eagle “Civil Beat Database: Checking Up On Top State Officials Just Got A Lot Easier” Civil Beat  Comment: “What an important public service: a database so the public can find out more about their public servants. Well done.”      

Finalist: Jessica Terrell "Tongan, Micronesian, Hawaiian Students Most Likely To Be Suspended" Civil Beat                     

Finalist: Steve Petranik “BOSS Survey: June and December” Hawaii Business


All Media A108  Sports Reporting

First Place:  J.R. De Groote “IRONMAN preview”  West Hawaii Today  Comment: "One of the better preview sections I've seen when it comes to an event of this type. Loved the cost breakdown of bikes, shoes etc..."      

Finalist: Robert Collias “I have a lot of baseball left in me” Maui News                       

Finalist: Larry Lieberman, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee “In the Money” Hana Hou!                     


All Media A109  Arts/Entertainment Writing

First Place: Christine Hitt “Keepers of the Flame” HAWAI'I Magazine                          

Finalist: Derek Paiva “Kealii Reichel: A Life in Song” HAWAI'I Magazine                      

Finalist: Christine Hitt, Lurline McGregor “Hawaiian Music: The Fight for Survival” MANA Magazine 


All Media A110  Editorial Opinion             

First Place:  Civil Beat Editorial Board “Civil Beat Editorial Board” Civil Beat  Comment: "Excellent analysis of issues of vital importance to Hawaiians: trust in journalism, the powerful payday loans industry and the human value of programs addressing homelessness. Well done."  

Finalist: Leo Azambuja “Editor's Notes” For Kaua’i                             

Finalist: Walter Chihara   “State needs to grasp importance of the LHS Boarding Department” Lahaina News    


All Media A111  Editorial Cartoon/Illustration     

First Place: Meen Choi "Sunny Skies, Shady Characters, August 2015" Honolulu Magazine  Comment: “Incredible detail. Interesting composition. A good marriage between the illustration and the story.”              

Finalist: Jing Jing Tsong, Rob Donnelly "The Careerist: September, October, December" Hawaii Business              

Finalist: Daniel Guidera   "Sour Poi Awards, January 2015" Honolulu Magazine         


All Media A112  Informational Graphic

First Place: Kelsey Ige "The Housing Equation, August 2015" Honolulu Magazine  Comment: "Interesting, inviting illustrations to get readers to visually see the competition between the cost of housing and the time cost in commutes."

Finalist: Jen Tadaki Catanzariti, Janelle Kalawe-Ching “BOSS Survey: June and December” Hawaii Business                             

Finalist: Angelica Rabang "The New Big Five, May 2015" Honolulu Magazine


All Media A113  News Photography/Videography

First Place: Cory  Lum “The Projector: 'Mutual respect And Aloha' On The Mountain But No Meeting Of The Minds” Civil Beat  Comment: “A nice variety of images to tell the story. Great emotions and action in the photos. The fog just adds to photos.”

Finalist: Matthew Thayer “We lost just about everything” Maui News                        

Finalist: Hollyn Johnson   “Standoff!” Hawaii Tribune-Herald


All Media A114  Feature Photography/Videography

First Place: Aaron Yoshino, Cody Kawamoto, Derek Paiva “Tripping The Night Fantastic” HAWAI'I Magazine  Comment: “Beautiful imagery of Hawaii at night. I really get feel of energy and atmosphere.”    

Finalist: Philip Lemoine “An Interview with Mark Cunningham - FLUX Hawaii” Nella Media Group                    

Finalist: Dana Edmunds, Sonny Ganaden, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee  “Riding with the Professor” Hana Hou!    


All Media A115  Sports Photography/Videography          

First Place:  Rick Winters “Rodeo” West Hawaii Today  Comment: “Solid action photo.”     

Finalist: Rick Winters “Through the racket” West Hawaii Today     


All Media A116  Photo/Video Essay        

First Place: Diana Kim "Close to Home, April 2015" Honolulu Magazine  Comment: “Beautiful personal story. A tough story to tell.”        

Finalist: Cory Lum “The Projector: A Grand-Nephew's Love For Auntie Dorothy” Civil Beat  

Finalist: PF Bentley “Nighthawks of Honolulu” Hawaii Business      


All Media A117  Headlines           

First Place: FLUX  Hawaii "Net Prophet, Pass the Mic, You Don't Know Shit, Blooming Romance, Check All That Apply" Nella Media Group                           

Finalist: Chloe Fox, Carla  Herreria, Landess Kearns, Chris D'Angelo “HuffPuffian Headlines” HuffPost Hawaii                 


All Media A118  Best Reporting Using Social Media

First Place: Anita Hofschneider “Honolulu Drivers Frustrated With Traffic Hell Take to Twitter” Civil Beat                     

Finalist: Anita Hofschneider “Hashtag Heard Round the World: Social Media Fuels TMT Protests”               Civil Beat


All Media A119  Best Explanatory Journalism

First Place: Eric Pape “Living Hawaii: Behind Hawaii's High Cost Of Living” Civil Beat  Comment: "This series excels at explaining the many reasons behind one of the crucial issues of our times: Affordable housing and the crisis for the middle class. Frightening, well-explained and well-documented."               Category comment: “An amazing number of submissions easily could have won this category. A central role of the journalist -- explanatory journalism -- is alive and thriving thanks to SPJ Hawaii's dedicated members.”

Finalist: Lavonne Leong  “Our Water World” Hawaii Business                        

Finalist: Lavonne Leong  "Talking Trash, July 2015" Honolulu Magazine      


All Media A120  Special Section

First Place:  Sarah  Ruppenthal, Terrie Eliker, Matthew  Thayer “People Who Made A Difference” Maui News                   

Finalist: Catherine Toth Fox, Derek Paiva, Cody Kawamoto “Straight Outta Sugar”  HAWAI'I Magazine                             

Finalist: Brad  Sherman, Robert Collias, Stefanie Nakasone “2015 Maui Invitational” Maui News


All Media A121  Investigative Reporting 

First Place: Nick Grube “The Death Of Aaron Torres: 'What's The Big Secret?' ” Civil Beat     Comment: “Well researched and written and good use of limited sources.  Timely topic and thought-provoking.”

Finalist: Nick Grube, Bob Porterfield “Off Track: At Least $1.2 Billion Has Been Spent On Rail But Where Has All The Money Gone?” Civil Beat Comment: “Important subject with exhaustive research and documentation.”

Finalist: Brian Perry “Damage control” Maui News Comment: “Intricate and absorbing.”


All Media A122  Best Independent Journalist

First Place: Catherine Toth Fox "Various Stories by Catherine Toth Fox, Freelance Writer" Cat Toth  Comment: “Excellent reporting and writing on a wide range of topics.” Category Comment: “A tough competition to judge because of the quality of the entries.”

Finalist: Shannon Wianecki “Shannon Wianecki”   Shannon Wianecki


All Media A123  Public Service Reporting

First Place: Jessica Terrell “The Harbor: This Waianae Homeless Camp Is Not What You'd Expect” Civil Beat                     

Finalist: Chad Blair, Mark Edward Harris, Cory Lum “The Micronesians: An Untold Story of American Immigration” Civil Beat                 

Finalist: Nathan Eagle “Adult Care Home Inspections” Civil Beat    


Daily Newspaper D101 Spot News Reporting

First Place: Chris Sugidono “Fire destroys Kahului house” Maui News  Comment: "Superlative effort under pressure, both reporting and photography, then using the best quotes to capture the emotion and drama." Category comment: "Excellent overall quality of entries, both the writing and editing as well as presentation."

Finalist: Tom Callis “Protesters arrested” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                  

Finalist: Melissa Tanji, Lila Fujimoto, Lee Imada "Emergency landing, again" Maui News      


Daily Newspaper D102   General News/Enterprise Reporting

First Place: Tom Callis, Chris  D'Angelo “Kenoi outspent by aides” Hawaii Tribune-Herald  Comment: "Strong, in-depth reporting on a serious issue. This article is detailed and well researched. Excellent job."     

Finalist: Bret Yager “Kua Bay” West Hawaii Today                             

Finalist: Brian Perry “Damage control” Maui News


Daily Newspaper D103   Feature Writing/Short Form

First Place: Chris Sugidono “We lost just about everything” Maui News Comment: “The reporting and writing in this article are strong and thorough. The writer does an excellent job of getting the story of the house fire from multiple perspectives which give a complete picture of what happened and the devastation that followed.”         

Finalist: Ivy Ashe “Power of Pauline” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                          

Finalist: Chris Sugidono   “On a wing and a prayer” Maui News       


Daily Newspaper D104   Feature Writing/Long Form

First Place: Diane Ako "KHON2's Jai Cunningham shares strength, inspiration after overcoming difficult youth" Honolulu Star-Advertiser Comment: “The stories about Jai's past are riveting. Kudos to Jai for revealing the stories and to Diane for telling them. Domestic violence needs to come out of the shadows.”          

Finalist: Diane Ako “Dr. Trey and the joy of ukulele” Honolulu Star-Advertiser


Daily Newspaper D105   Feature Page Design

First Place: Nathan Christophel “Travel page” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                         

Finalist: Jeffrey Carter “Pasta” West Hawaii Today


Internet I101 Online News Reporting

First Place: Anita Hofschneider “Disabled and Homeless: This Hawaii Woman Found She Had No Place To Go” Civil Beat Comment: "Outstanding, in-depth story that was a compelling read from start to finish. Well done!"          

Finalist: Nathan Eagle “Not All Warm and Fuzzy: Care Home Bill Would Have Forced Out a Patient” Civil Beat  Comment: “Another very strong entry and a close second.”       

Finalist: Nathan Eagle “Palace Intrigue And The Ching Confirmation Vote” Civil Beat  Comment: "Interesting story, well-told."


Internet I102 Online Feature Reporting

First Place: Nick Grube “The Mysterious Disappearance Of An American Fisheries Observer” Civil Beat  Comment: "An important news-feature story, well researched and well told Honolulu. Nicely done!"              

Finalist: Nick Grube “Police Chief Under Fire: Can He Survive Legislative And Legal Scrutiny?” Civil Beat Comment: “Very strong news-feature story.”

Finalist: Carla Herreria "Restaurant In Hawaii Offers Fresh Start For Former Prostitutes, Convicts, Others Who Need A Hand" HuffPost Hawaii Comment: "Interesting, newsy feature story."


Internet I103 Best Multimedia Presentation

First Place:  Chad Blair, Mark Edward Harris, Cory Lum “The Micronesians: An Untold Story of American Immigration” Civil Beat  Comment: "It was difficult to pick one amazing entry over the other amazing entry. Both are well done, thorough and flawlessly use multimedia to tell the story."          

Finalist: Jessica Terrell, Cory Lum, Chrystele  Bossu-Ragis “The Harbor” Civil Beat   


Internet I104 Best Overall News Site

First Place: Staff “Honolulu Civil Beat” Civil Beat   Comment: "Honolulu Civil Beat's website has it all. Easy to navigate with excellent reporting and writing, beautiful, story-telling images and information that Honolulu residents need and want to know."

Finalist: Nancy Cook Lauer “All Hawaii News” All Hawaii News                     

Finalist: Chloe  Fox, Carla  Herreria, Landess Kearns, Chris D'Angelo “HuffPost Hawaii” HuffPost Hawaii              


Internet I105 Best 1-Person Online News Site/1-Person News Blog

First Place: Nancy Cook Lauer “All Hawaii News”  All Hawaii News Comment: “A little bit of everything — things that Hawaiians need to know.”


Internet I106 Best 1-Person Online Features Site/1-Person Features Blog

First Place: Kim Steutermann Rogers “Malama Monk Seal Voyage: A Journey into Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to Save Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals” Kim Rogers  Comment: "These blogs were real page-turners (figuratively, not literally). A fascinating read of Kim Rogers adventures chronicling a ship's quest to save Hawaiian monk seals. An incredible trip interestingly told."          

Finalist: Catherine Toth Fox “The Cat Dish” Cat Toth                         

Finalist: Ray Tsuchiyama "Sumo, Vegas, and Olelo Hawaii: On a Sense of Place" Pacific Visions and Memories


Magazines M101 Business Reporting

First Place: Lavonne Leong “Is Your Job in Danger?” Hawaii Business

Finalist: Shannon Wianecki, Sue Hudelson, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee “The Little Five” Hana Hou!                         

Finalist: Dennis Hollier "Which NextEra Will Hawaii Get?, Inevitable Change, Who Should Own Hawaiian Electric?" Hawaii Business


Magazines M102 Industry or Trade Reporting

First Place:  Sarah Rose, PF Bentley, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee “The Last Roundup” Hana Hou!                         

Finalist: Dennis Hollier "Which NextEra Will Hawaii Get?, Inevitable Change, Who Should Own Hawaiian Electric?" Hawaii Business                        

Finalist: Martha Cheng, Katrina Valcourt "The Everything Guide to Local Chocolate, December 2015" Honolulu Magazine         


Magazines M103 Profile

First Place: Dennis Hollier “Off the Grid” Hawaii Business

Finalist: David Thompson, Ryan Nicholson, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee “The Ringmaster” Hana Hou!                

Finalist: David Thompson “Always on Track, February 2015" Honolulu Magazine     


Magazines M104 Feature Writing/Short Form

First Place: Robbie Dingeman "Life in Focus, November 2015" Honolulu Magazine  Comment: “Mixing the present with the past in this tale of a female photographer who got her start in the 1960s when women didn't do such things. Nice marriage of text with images.”  Category Comment: "A category with some interesting, well written entries."

Finalist: Keola Lindsey, Brad Ka'aleleo Wong, Alice Malepeai Silbanuz “Connecting to the mana of Papahanaumokuakea” Ka Wai Ola                           

Finalist: Catherine Toth Fox “Flowing Waters” HAWAI'I Magazine 


Magazines M105 Feature Writing/Long Form

First Place: Lavonne Leong “Is Your Job in Danger?” Hawaii Business  Comment: “A fascinating read about jobs and tasks can be done through automation. An interesting look at a variety of professions — including journalism. We wondered if judging journalism competitions could become automated -- just kidding.”     

Finalist: Martha Cheng "The Zippy's Senior Club, September 2015" Honolulu Magazine                        

Finalist: Catherine Toth Fox "Haunted Hawai'i, October 2015" Honolulu Magazine


Magazines M106 Body of Work- Single Writer    

First Place: Sonny Ganaden “Sonny Ganaden-FLUX Hawaii” Nella Media Group  Comment: "Exceptional prose, vivid word pictures in a grouping of five stories that ranged the gamut in topic. The judges had a difficult time putting these stories down."     

Finalist: Michael Shapiro “Riding the Plank” Hana Hou!     


Magazines M107 Overall Page Design    

First Place: Warren Daubert, Jen Tadaki Catanzariti, Janelle Kalawe-Ching, Lilian Cheng, Mary Pigao "September, November, December" Hawaii Business Comment: "We were especially impressed with the September issue, which met some very difficult design challenges, given subject matter that did not lend itself to any easy solutions. The approach taken by the designers was creative, dynamic, clean and served the stories well. "       

Finalist: Kristin Lipman, Kelsey Ige, Gary Saito, Stephen Guzman "HONOLULU Magazine: June, July and December 2015 issues" Honolulu Magazine  Comment: "The magazine is lively and fun to read. Sometimes, however, it seems that too many graphic gimmicks (curvy arrows, for example) get in the way. Also, some packages are hard to distinguish from the ads."


Magazines M108 Best Single Feature Layout

First Place: Warren Daubert “Nighthawks of Honolulu” Hawaii Business  Comment: “Incredible design. The use of black-and-white photos to depict people who work at night just adds to the dramatic elements on these pages.”           

Finalist: Dana Edmunds, Derek Ferrar, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee     “Lost & Found”               Hana Hou!                         

Finalist: Kelsey Ige  “The 25 Greatest Hawai'i Songs of the New Century, October 2015" Honolulu Magazine


Magazines M109 Magazine Cover

First Place: Ethan Tweedie, Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Samuel Lee  “Hana Hou! 18.6 Cover - White Summits” Hana Hou!                     

Finalist: Kristin Lipman "Best of Honolulu, July 2015" Honolulu Magazine


Newspapers N101 Business Reporting

First Place: Lorin Eleni Gill “Medical Marijuana: New industry could lead to a pot of gold” Pacific Business News  Comment: "A very thorough review of a fledgling industry in Hawaii — a great, informative read for a state new to the dispensary industry.”         

Finalist: Duane Shimogawa “Crushed on Kauai” Pacific Business News                       

Finalist: Duane Shimogawa “Industrial sized squeeze” Pacific Business News


Newspapers N102 News Page Design

First Place: Bethany Bickley “Hawaii's Most Wanted” Pacific Business News  Comment: "A fun, interesting, visually appealing take on America's Most Wanted."   

Finalist: Bonnie Rogers    “A1 4-27-15” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                       

Finalist: Bethany Bickley “Hawaii chefs cook up business” Pacific Business News    


Nondaily Newspaper ND101 General News/Enterprise Reporting

First Place: Colleen  Uechi “Fuel for Thought: Molokai's Gas Prices” Molokai Dispatch Comment: “Well researched and reported look at gasoline prices.”

Finalist: Louise  Rockett  "Experts: Bold, fast action needed to save Maui’s reefs; Researchers: Steps can be taken locally to protect Maui reefs" Lahaina News               

Finalist: Ruby Pap “Rapid Ohia Death Threatens the Forest” For Kaua’i        


Nondaily Newspaper ND102 Feature Writing

First Place: Lorin Eleni Gill “Feisty. Unflappable. Fearless” Pacific Business News      Comment: "A nice blend of business and feature writing. Very thorough, and presented with opposing point of view. The story could have been a shallow feature and included much more."             

Finalist: Lorin Eleni Gill “Hawaii chefs cook up business” Pacific Business News                       

Finalist: Catherine Cluett “The Secret Lives of Monk Seals” Molokai Dispatch


Nondaily Newspaper ND103 Community Reporting

First Place: Colleen Uechi “Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove” Molokai Dispatch Comment: “A really terrific piece that led to major environmental changes. Good job!”

Finalist: Catherine Cluett “Molokai Drive Inn Closes” Molokai Dispatch                      

Finalist: Louise  Rockett  “Commuters surprised by state work on Highway 30 at Olowalu” Lahaina News


Radio R101 General News/Enterprise Reporting

First Place: Molly Solomon “Hawaii Telescope Conflict” Hawaii Public Radio  Comment: "Well researched, well-told stories about the conflict between science and heritage. An interesting package of stories from beginning to end."            

Finalist: Heidi  Chang “These Nightclub Entertainers Paved The Way For Asian-Americans In Showbiz” National Public Radio

Finalist: Wayne  Yoshioka “Homelessness in Hawaii” Hawaii Public Radio


Radio R102 Feature Reporting

First Place: Wayne Yoshioka "Pearl Harbor Survivor Recalls Baseball Game and December 7, 1941 Surprise Japanese Attack." Hawaii Public Radio Comment: “A wonderful piece that helps keep the stories of the lives of World War II veterans alive. Well done.”

Finalist: Heidi  Chang “A (Very) Young Jazz Pianist Takes Giant Steps Towards Musical Mastery” National Public Radio                    

Finalist: Molly Solomon   “Why Traditional Japanese Altars Are Vanishing With The Times     Hawaii Public Radio”


Student S101 Student News Reporting in Any Media

First Place: Ieva Bytautaite, Alden Alayvilla, Janelle Guerrero-Miguel, Ana Giliberti-Ippel       “Pesticides on the North Shore” University of Hawaii Comment: “Comprehensive look at the issue of pesticides that goes well beyond a campus setting.” Category comment: "A category with very strong, timely, interesting entries. It was difficult to pick a winner."

Finalist: Pavel Stankov “The Growing Crisis of Student Debt” Hawaii Business                         

Finalist: Alex Bitter “Fixing a Broken Budget Process” Hawaii Business        


Student S102 Student Feature Reporting in Any Media

First Place: Shiina LoSciuto, Hayley Musashi, Staff   “Stairway to Nowhere” University of Hawaii  Comment: "Great reporting, writing, photos and video. It's the complete package."            

Finalist: Braelyn Wood “Restaurant Road” Hawaii Business                            

Finalist: Ikaika Ramones "The Gene Switch, September 2015" Honolulu Magazine


Television T101 Government Reporting

First Place: Rick  Daysog, Mileka Lincoln “The Billy Kenoi pCard scandal” Hawaii News Now  Comment: "Great job exposing corruption in government — with in-depth look


Television T102 Business Reporting

First Place: Kristine Uyeno, Reid Shimizu “Businesses say rail customer discount program not working” KHON2  Comment: “Solid reporting of a timely story about businesses hurting along the rail line. This reporting has the potential to spur action to help these businesses.”


Television T103 General News/Enterprise Reporting

First Place:  Brent Remadna, Tai Hiranaka  “City-contracted beekeeper removes Koko Head Trail infestation” KHON2 Comment: “Nice enterprise to bring in a beekeeper to look at the situation with an objective eye.”           

Finalist: Ben Gutierrez, Peter Tang “Homeless women claim city took I.D.'s in sweep” Hawaii News Now                    

Finalist: Alex Cerball, Greg Lau  “Emotional father of son killed in moped accident cleans up vandalized memorial” KHON2


Television T104 Feature Reporting

First Place: "Brenda Salgado, Ben Gutierrez, Peter Tang, Tine Howard  “Manoa woman looks ahead ten years after critical injuries from falling tree” Hawaii News Now              Comment: “Clear, concise storytelling."      

Finalist: Sam Spangler “Kaimuki head coach sacrifices mainland career to save alma mater” KHON2  Comment: "The reporter's track is strong, but it was hard to understand what this story was about. The music needed to be brought under, and the web story was a bit unclear."


Television T105 Spot News Reporting

First Place:  Brigette Namata, Ken Mashiyama “Kalihi family thankful to be alive after SUV catches fire” KHON2 Comment: “Good standup. Compelling nat sound at the beginning.”  

Finalist: Ben Gutierrez, Peter Tang, Justin Barfield “20 Arrested in Attempt to Block Work On Maui Telescope” Hawaii News Now    


Television T106 Investigative Reporting

First Place: Rick  Daysog “Airport kickback scandal” Hawaii News Now  Comment: “Good incremental reporting that continued to hold DOT accountable.”

Finalist: Gina Mangieri, Justin Kanno “Honolulu DUI cases prone to catch and release” KHON2 Comment: "Solid reporting exposing systemic issues related to DUI prosecution. Would have liked to see what happened with deputy's internal affairs investigation - also, was he reassigned in the meantime?"


Television T108 Series Reporting/Documentary/Special News

First Place:  Gina Mangieri, Manolo Morales, Justin Kanno "Sewage spill amount keeps changing, raising questions about staffing, response" KHON2 Comment: “A comprehensive look at an environmental disaster. Good job of pressing officials for answers.”

Finalist: Roy  Kimura, Treena Shapiro, Leslie  Wilcox, Britt  Young, Joy  Chong-Stannard  "How Can Our Community Better Understand Gender Diversity?” PBS Hawaii                      

Finalist: Howard Dashefsky, Marisa Yamane, Ken Mashiyama, Jennifer Brink  “Kilauea: Facing the Fire” KHON2






Thank you to the Hawaii judges of
the Colorado SPJ Top of the Rockies

Environment Hawai’I: Teresa Dawson, Pat Tummons

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: John Bender, Jackie Carberry, Christina Chun, Susan Essoyan, Sjarif Goldstein, Martha Hernandez, Stirling Morita, Curtis Murayama, Charlene Robinson, Lucy Young Oda

West Hawaii Today: Nancy Cook Lauer

Honolulu magazine: Robbie Dingeman, Alyson Helwagen, Kristin Lipman, Lennie Omalza, Cat Toth

Honolulu Family Magazine: Christi Young

Hawaii Home and Remodeling Magazine: Tom Kunz

Hawai’i Magazine: Matthew Dekneef, Christine Hitt

Hawaii Business: Jen Tadaki Catanzariti, Warren Daubert, Gina Gelber, Dennis Hollier, Steve Petranik

Circle of Blue: Codi Kozacek

Former AP: Dave Briscoe

Maui News: Brad Sherman

Hawaii Public Radio: Bill Dorman