2014 Results
Excellence in Journalism Awards

June 26, 2015

Manoa Grand Ballroom

For release: June 26

Contact: Stirling Morita at 347-0388


The awards were decided by judges from the Kansas City Press Club and the Connecticut Chapter of SPJ.



A101 Column Writing or Blog/News        

First Place

Neal Milner, “Neal Milner” Honolulu Civil Beat



Ian Lind “Hawaii Monitor” Honolulu  Civil Beat

Denby Fawcett “Denby Fawcett” Honolulu Civil Beat


A102 Column Writing or Blog/Features or Sports

First Place:

Evan Nagle “Civil Bytes” Honolulu Civil Beat          



Carla  Herreria    “The Odd Friendship Between North Korea and Its First American Surfers” HuffPost Hawaii

Norm Bezane “Voices of Maui Beyond the Beach Features Column” Norm BEZANE


A103  Government Reporting    

First Place: Adrienne LaFrance “In the Shadows: How Serious Is the Military Sex Assault Problem in Hawaii?” Honolulu Civil Beat       

Comment: This story brought to light an unfortunate reoccurring national tragedy, and localizing it for maximum impact.



Keoki Kerr, Lynn  Kawano, Daryl  Huff  “State prison problems” Hawaii News Now                

Chad Blair, Patti Epler, Denby Fawcett Tulsi Gabbard's Controversial Waikiki Surfing Decision            

Honolulu Civil Beat


Comment: Keeping our elected officials accountable – especially in the face of PR flack – is a cornerstone to governmental reporting.


Category comment: This was a group that easily could have had a competitive top 5. Unfortunately, there’s only room for three.


A104 Breaking News Reporting

First Place

Keoki Kerr “UH Manoa Chancellor Firing” Hawaii News Now

Comment: An informative, well-written expose of a controversy brimming with conflicting points of view. Seems fairly presented.      



James Cave, Carla  Herreria “Everything We Know About Tropical Storm Iselle And Hurricane Julio (LIVE UPDATES)” HuffPost Hawaii             

Comment: A well-paced, comprehensive report with good details about the intensity, the impact and the reach of the storm. Enhanced by good graphics.                         


Chris Sugidono, Lila Fujimoto “Stowaway on plane” Maui News

Comment: On-the-scene coverage that pulls  the reader into an unusual, tension-filled event.                         



Health Reporting


First Place:         

Dennis Hollier “The Next Wonder Drug?” Hawaii Business

Comment: In-depth and detailed account of the problems, solutions and predictions facing a small biomed company hoping to leave a lasting impact.            



Colin Stewart  “Feeling the Pain” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                  

Comment: A telling localized account of a national epidemic.                       

Wayne Yoshioka “Navy Red Hill Fuel Storage Tanks” Hawaii Public Radio                  


A106 Sports Reporting


First Place:

Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Sonny Ganaden, Brian Bielmann, Samuel Lee “The Aerialist”

Hana Hou!          



Amanda Whiting “Big Surf,” December 2014 Honolulu Magazine   

Ann Miller  “Court Side: The Dave Shoji Story”  November 2014 Honolulu Magazine              


A107 Arts/Entertainment Writing            


First Place:

HAWAI'I Magazine “Days of Deco”

Shane Nelson

Comment: Makes me want to attend the event. Interesting historical overview.     



Robbie Dingeman “Under the Blood Red Sun,” September 2014     Honolulu Magazine         

Comment: I like the "inside baseball" aspect of the article.              

Shannon Wianecki “A Hawaiian in Paris” Hana Hou!-Leigh              

Comment: Fun and informative. I would have liked it a little better if the reporter gave the sources more opportunities to speak for themselves. In other words, more quotes. Great story.      


A108 Editorial Opinion


First Place

Civil Beat Editorial Board “Civil Beat Editorial Board” Honolulu Civil Beat   

Comment: Clear writing with good background information and explanation of each situation.        



James R. George “Lawmakers play games with Kakaako Makai” Pacific Business News        

Comment: No doubt about where the editorial writer stands and why. Love the lead.          

Patricia Tummons  “As Commission Dithers, Tunas Decline” Environment Hawai'i   

Comment: Good commentary on complicated issues and good facts to back up opinion.    


A109 Editorial Cartoon/Illustration          


First Place:

Jon J.  Murakami  “Doing Business Island Style, 2014 Remix” Hawaii Business          



Andrew J. Catanzariti  “As the Nation Turns, Hawaii is Still Driven” Hawaii Business

Matthew  Ortiz   “Fishy Business” Mana Magazine


A110 Informational Graphic


First Place:         

Jen Tadaki Catanzariti, Andrew J.  Catanzariti  “As the Nation Turns, Hawaii is Still Driven”

Hawaii Business



Nelson Gaspar, Ryan  Gonzalez, John Matsuzaki, Harold  Nedd, Alice Silbanz “Water is wealth” Ka Wai Ola        

Jen Tadaki Catanzariti  “BOSS Survey June 2014” Hawaii Business


A111 News Photography/Videography


First Place:

Matthew Thayer  “A surprise reunion” Maui News                             



Matthew Thayer  “Family of 14 loses Kihei home, vehicles to blaze” Maui News     

Chris  Sugidono  “FBI: Boy survives flight in wheel well” Maui News             



Feature Photography/Videography        


First Place:

Kunio Hayashi, Leigh Morrison, Catharine Lo, Monte Costa, Samuel Lee “Mission Ready” Hana Hou!              

Comment: “Incredible shots!”     



Jack Wolford  “One Last Look: Pueo” HAWAI'I Magazine                 

Matthew Thayer “Jumping with joy on a trip to the beach” Maui News       


A113 Sports Photography/Videography


First Place:

Matthew Thayer “Hanging on at the rodeo” Maui News   



Robert Collias “Central moves one win from district championship” Maui News

Hollyn Johnson   “Airborne Attack” Hawaii Tribune-Herald


A114 Photo/Video Essay             


First Place

Kunio Hayashi, Matt Mallams, Derek Ferrar, Dana Edmunds, Samuel Lee     “Form & Function” Hana Hou!



Richard Cooke , Mike  Coots, Josh Fletcher, Ryan  Siphers, Aaron  Yoshino “Imua E Na Ho‘okele” Mana Magazine


PF Bentley  “Weekend Paniolos: The Cowboy Life Is Disappearing in Hawaii” Honolulu Civil Beat      


Category comment: Very difficult to judge – so many terrific photos.  Most of these entries could easily have won, but there aren't that many places. 


A115 Headlines


First Place:
Chloe  Fox, Carla Herreria, James  Cave, Landess Kearns    After An Awful Marriage, This Woman Got The Sweetest Revenge (Literally) HuffPost Hawaii              



Steve Petranik “Finding a Signal Amid All the Noise; Where Has All the Flour Gone?; Still Crazy After All These Years; Hog Wild for Bad Company; His Business is Ruff” Hawaii Business       


Derek Paiva “Chips and Dale/ The Shave Iceman Cometh/ Campbells Coup/ Lets Hear it for the Poi/ Bacak to the Future” HAWAI'I Magazine 


A116 Best Reporting Using Social Media


First Place:

Carla Herreria “HBO Offends Entire Country After ‘Jonah From Tonga’ Uses Brownface” HuffPost Hawaii  

Comment: This is a great example of mining social conversation to build a piece of content that combines journalism with commentary.  



Michael Keany “Afterthoughts: Scenes from the Polar Vortex,” March 2014 Honolulu Magazine

Jade Snow, Kim Shibata “Merrie Monarch 2014” Mana Magazine                


A117 Special Section     


First Place:

Eric Pape, PF Bentley “The Face” Honolulu Civil Beat         

Comment: This was a pretty fantastic concept. Well-executed. The audio vignettes were solid and provided interesting perspective on the candidates.           



Derek Paiva, Cody Kawamoto, Kristie Castanera, Dawn Sakamoto “Best of HawaiI 2014” HAWAI'I Magazine           

Comment: Extremely comprehensive. Love the art and design. Some really quality topics like "Best Sainted Village" and "Best Burger in the middle of nowhere.


David Paiva, Cody Kawamoto, Dawn Sakamoto “75 Places to Eat Like A Local: Mixed Plate Edition” HAWAI'I Magazine


Comment: Comprehensive, to be sure.  Was unclear if the magazine is aimed at locals, or the tourist trade, however.  If tourists, it would have helped this reader to have a little more explanation about some of the various dishes (poke, etc.) which were unfamiliar. Did take the author's advice and Googled "shirako" ...  Kinda wish I hadn't.              


Category comment: Strong category overall. Lots of comprehensive reporting, unique storytelling, and arresting visual and multimedia elements. Winning entries distinguished themselves as such through superior examples of conceptual execution, quality visual/design elements, and in-depth information. A pleasure to judge.


A118 Investigative Reporting     


First Place:

Nick Grube  “Death on the Streets” Honolulu Civil Beat     

Comment: An excellent series. I especially liked the way the author attacked the subject from different angles. The final one was very personal and gave readers an excellent view of one person's life, problems, and death.     



Patricia Tummons  “Claims of Harm from DBCP Kept Alive before Supreme Court” Environment Hawai'i              


A119 Best Independent Journalist (not supported by an organization)    


First Place:

Catherine Toth   “Stories by Catherine E. Toth, freelance writer” Catherine Toth



Shannon Wianecki “Shannon Wianecki” Shannon Wianecki             

Norm Bezane “Mayoral Candidates Focus on Jobs: Exclusive Coverage in Maui County” Norm BEZANE


A120 Public Service Reporting


First Place:

Nick Grube  “Death on the Streets” Honolulu Civil Beat     



Staff Iselle hits the Big Island (multiple entries and sidebars) Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Staff  “Lava flow nears Pahoa” Hawaii Tribune-Herald                     


D101 Spot News Reporting         

First Place:

Melissa Tanji, Lila Fujimoto “Lanai plane crash victims” Maui News                            



Colin Stewart, Tom Callis “First home falls” Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Lila Fujimoto “Candidate-Arrest example of ‘what is not pono’” Maui News


D102 General News/Enterprise Reporting            


First Place:

John Burnett “New leads in ‘Peter Boy’ case” Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Comment: A solid piece of work. Congratulations!             


Brian Perry “White says mayor seeks compliant council” Maui News                          


Colin Stewart “Storm may albizias’ downfall” Hawaii Tribune-Herald           


D103 Feature Writing/Short Form


First Place:

Robert  Collias “A big loss, a big win observed in Hana” Maui News                            

Comment: A touching, emotional story about the loss of a young athlete. 



Tom Callis “Lava scars” Hawaii Tribune-Herald     

Comment: Good, thorough coverage with a good lead. Well-written feature.         


Brian Perry  “Visitor's death shows need for increased ocean safety education” Maui News              

Comment: “This story performs a valuable public service in alerting people to a danger.”


Category comment: I was impressed by the high quality of the entries in this category.


D104 Feature Writing/Long Form


First Place:

Melissa Tanji “Crash victim made final call” Maui News

Comment: Very nicely and sensitively done, particularly under the difficult circumstances at the heart of the story.


D105 Feature Page Design           


First Place:

Nathan Christophel  “Friday, April 18, 2014” Hawaii Tribune-Herald             

Comment: Photography was (1) stunning (2) interesting    


I101 Online News Reporting       


First Place:

Anita Hofschneider         

“Molokai Has the Most to Lose But the Least Say in GMO Debate”

Honolulu Civil Beat          

Comment: The reporting, research, writing, photography in this story combine to build a compelling article. 



Nick Grube  “Will HPD Seriously Confront Domestic Violence Within It's Own Ranks?” Honolulu Civil Beat      


Chad Blair  “Will Financial Disclosure Bill Hurt Women?” Honolulu Civil Beat


I102 Online Feature Reporting


First Place:

Eric Pape “Living Hawaii: Houston, We've Got a Problem” Honolulu Civil Beat         

Comment: Excellent storytelling, with a narrative that includes this family's dilemma as well as information and context about the cost of living.



Nathan Eagle “GMO Issue Spurs Candidates to Seek Election, But It's Ugly Out There” Honolulu Civil Beat      


Nick Grube  “Missing Mailbox Exposes Family Frictions for HPD Chief, Prosecutor Wife” Honolulu Civil Beat                     


Category comment: The field in this category was very strong! The stories each provide compelling narratives, with dimension and heart.


I103 Best Multimedia Presentation         


First Place:

Eric Pape, PF Bentley “The Face” Honolulu Civil Beat         



Baron Sekiya, Karin Stanton “LavaTalk: September 17, 2014 update on Kilaueas lava flow” Hawaii 24/7              


Nick Grube, PF Bentley    “Telling the Story of Homelessness in Waikiki” Honolulu Civil Beat


I104 Best Overall News Site         


First Place:

Staff  “CivilBeat.com” Honolulu Civil Beat              

Comment: This site provides a wide range of news, views and features affecting Hawaii news consumers. The way it's organized tells a compelling story about the region.           



Chloe Fox, Carla  Herreria, James Cave, Landess Kearns “HuffPost Hawaii” HuffPost Hawaii                             


Baron Seikya, Karin Stanton “Hawaii 24/7” Hawaii 24/7                   


I106 Best 1-Person Online Features Site/1-Person Features Blog 


First Place:

Catherine Toth   “The Cat Dish: a travel, food and lifestyle blog” Catherine Toth

Comment: A strong voice that speaks of character and a point of view.     



Dawn Sakamoto Paiva “Sugar + Shake” Dawn Paiva           


Ray Tsuchiyama “ ‘Candidate David Ige’: Hawai’i Politics and Politicians” Pacific Visions and Memories              



Business Reporting         


First Place:

Kunio Hayashi, Alan D. McNarie, Megan Spellman, Julia Steele, Samuel Lee “Back in the Limelight” Hana Hou!          

Comment: The writing is excellent: It melds a lyrical voice with telling details that let the reader see the sights and hear the sounds. The human element shines, and the storytelling is clear, thorough and unified. The photos match the text's emotion.



Martha Cheng “Empire of the Sun Noodle,” November 2014 Honolulu Magazine

Comment: Great storytelling, with fascinating details and thorough descriptions of the types of ramen and the processes to make them. Rags to riches through determination, respect for tradition and inventiveness. Photos work seamlessly with the text.        


Dennis Hollier “The Next Wonder Drug?” Hawaii Business

Comment: The writing is crystal clear and engaging throughout, on the complexities of both the science and the finance. It’s big money and big difficulties for the players, and broad effects on society.


Category comment: So many of these entries are excellent that I gnashed my teeth trying to decide.


M102 Industry or Trade Reporting


First Place

Dennis Hollier  “Can Hawaii Feed Itself?” Hawaii Business

Comment: “Can Hawaii Feed Itself?”: The facts, descriptions of culture and history, and analysis were seamlessly blended in this this comprehensive piece of reporting on the challenges of producing food for Hawaii.



Dennis Hollier  “How Fish Get From the Sea to Your Plate” Hawaii Business              

Comment: “How Fish Get From the Sea Our Plate”: What is most impressive about this story on the fishing industry in Hawaii is the even-handedness. The perspectives of the article (especially the longliners) are counter-balanced by the views and statistics of the environmentalists. The history of the histories is conveyed well. The immigration of the California boats and the Vietnamese longliners is one example. Well-written throughout.              


Martha Cheng, David Thompson “The Everything Guide to Coffee,” December 2014 Honolulu Magazine

Comment: “The Everything Guide to Coffee”: The title is not a misnomer. This entry covered all aspects of coffee on the islands, from growing to enjoying. The design and writing are as bright and bracing as a fine cup of coffee.   


Category comment: Another piece deserving of an Honorable Mention is “13 Great Things About Waikiki Plus 13 Awful Things.” The team of reporters, photographers and interpreters clearly did their job of thoroughly investigating this tourist center.


M103 Profile     


First Place:

Kunio Hayashi, Leigh Morrison, Julia Steele, Dana Edmunds, Samuel Lee     “Man of the Motu” Hana Hou!     

Comment: Great anecdotes. You really get a sense of who this man is and why he's been so successful in his work.        



Tiffany Hill “The Shave Iceman Cometh” HAWAI'I Magazine           

Comment: Excellent descriptions and sense of place. It made me wish I could taste some of the shave ice and have a chat with him. It would have been good to get another person's view of him, though.              


Loren Moreno  “Young Guns,” July 2014 Honolulu Magazine          

Comment: Profiles can be about serving the community, and by giving this personal look into gun ownership, I think you've accomplished that here. I would have liked to see all these experiences tied together at the end.       


Category comment: If you are looking for an honorable mention, I'd give it to “Amazon Queen”. It was a tough choice among the top four.


M104 Feature Writing/Short Form          


First Place:

Derek Paiva Green Day HAWAI'I Magazine             



Catherine E. Toth “Chips and Dale” HAWAI'I Magazine      


Garett Kamemoto, Nelson Gaspar, Lisa Asato “On Lanai, growing a love for limu” Ka Wai Ola          


M105 Feature Writing/Long Form           


First Place:

Dennis Hollier  “Can Hawaii Feed Itself?” Hawaii Business                              



Paul Wood, John Giordani “A Curious Craving” Maui No Ka Oi        


Jade Snow “Pihana” Mana Magazine


M106 Page Design          


First Place:

Kunio Hayashi, Leigh Morrison, Michael Shapiro, David Liittschwager, Samuel Lee “He‘e” Hana Hou!              



John Giordani, Teya Penniman, Bob Bangerter, Ryan Siphers  “The Fisherman’s Net” Maui No Ka Oi


Kristin Lipman “The Everything Guide to Coffee,” December 2014 Honolulu Magazine         


Category comment: Honorable mention to two entries 75 Places to Eat Like a Local, Get Out!

The other entries were worthy competitors in this 2015 contest. It made for an inspiring afternoon judging. Thanks for sharing your best.


Magazine Cover


First Place:

Janelle  Kalawe-Ching, Aaron  Yoshino Mana Magazine Wai A Kane             



Kristin Lipman “Cannery Tales,” November 2014 Honolulu Magazine                         


Nelson Gaspar, Arna Johnson “A world wide voyage” Ka Wai Ola  



Business Reporting         


First Place:

Duane Shimogawa  “Richard Rosenblum takes off” Pacific Business News 

Comment: This piece gives a clear sense of who this guy is and why he does what he does. It also piques interest in what he might do next.



Jason Ubay  “Making Startup Paradise a reality” Pacific Business News       

Comment: Good exposition on a process that can make all the difference for a startup.      



News Page Design          


First Place:

Staff  “A1, Tribune-Herald, Aug. 10, 2014” Hawaii Tribune-Herald 



Staff  “A1, Tribune-Herald, Oct. 25, 2014” Hawaii Tribune-Herald  


Staff  “A1, Tribune-Herald, Nov. 11, 2014” Hawaii Tribune-Herald 


ND101   General News/Enterprise Reporting        


First Place:

Catherine Cluett “GE Crops Debate Shakes Molokai” Molokai Dispatch      

Comment: Great work on this series of stories. So many voices added depth to a topic that meant so much to your readers. This writer covered all the angles and did so with a clarity that brought everything into focus.



Duane Shimogawa “Attempts to develop Kalaeloa hit a dead end” Pacific Business News    

Comment: Fascinating look inside the moving parts that are holding up development in this area. Great reporting.           


Lorin Eleni Gill “How Roley and Shidler closed a $100M deal” Pacific Business News             

Comment: This story grabs the reader from the opening paragraph and doesn't let go. Nice work.  


ND102   Feature Writing


First Place:

Catherine Cluett “Tagging Kioea: Learning About Molokai's Rare Shorebirds” Molokai Dispatch

Comments: Good descriptions.  Nicely written.    



Catherine Cluett  “Ventures in Vanilla” Molokai Dispatch  

Comment: Good reporting.  Reporter did a good job describing the tedious work of growing the vanilla bean.    


Janis L. Magin “Gray Gold: The business of aging” Pacific Business News    


ND103   Community Reporting


First Place:

Colleen Uechi “Heroes Among Us” Molokai Dispatch



Christine Cabalo  “Build up of support: 3/3 assists ASYMCA” Hawaii Marine


Christine Cabalo  “Laced with memories; Boots, run honor fallen” Hawaii Marine  

Comment: The entries share a theme of military service, with the winner, "Heroes Among Us," giving a very human, personal portrait of a veteran rejoining his community.



General News/Enterprise Reporting        


First Place:

Wayne Yoshioka “Hawai‘i Veterans” Hawaii Public Radio

Comment: Excellent job. Lays out the problem clearly from the start, with a tight narrative thread throughout. Embodies fairness in giving voice to the problem's opposing perspectives, which is as important as getting all the facts right. This series brings reason and emotion together for the listener, regardless of political perspective, about the nations veterans, the sacrifices they make to serve their country and the degree to which the government provides for them what they deserve, what theyve earned, under oftentimes horrific circumstances.



Heidi Chang, Faith Lapidus  Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe to Navigate World Without Instruments  Voice of America         

Comment: An excellent job. Intriguing subject that takes the listener back through history, conjuring vivid images of a human technology of sorts based on nature  guided only by the stars, winds, waves, birds and other signs of nature.  


Molly Solomon “Preserving Honouliuli: An Internment Camp Almost Forgotten” Hawaii Public Radio              

Comment: Very good job. Important subject because of fundamental injustice. It carries a good deal of the emotion thats present. I wanted even more description, though, of day-to-day life in the camp and the range of emotions these people felt and what they thought while they were there.              


Category comment: I'd sit in my car in the driveway to finish listening to all these stories.


R102 Feature Reporting


First Place:

Molly Solomon   Searching for Family Roots in Pahoa Hawaii Public Radio  



Heidi Chang, Faith  Lapidus  “ ‘Rock Star’ Botanist Rappels Down Cliffs to Save Hawaii's Rarest Plants  

Voice of America             


Wayne Yoshioka “Honolulu Police Department Implements Tattoo Policy” Hawaii Public Radio


S101 Student News Reporting in Any Media       


First Place:

Alex  Bitter “Financial problems at Hawaii Pacific University” Hawaii Business          

Comment: Well sourced, diligent work trying to get the details of the budget from a private university that seems intent to keep the problems private. Important reporting, with clear graphics to help readers through the numbers. Excellent work on this article. 



Deborah Manog, Bobby Bergonio Mission of Mercy Hawaii Business          

Comment: Lovely storytelling here, with vivid details about the scene and the scenarios surrounding these surgeries. Photos are compelling and varied, making for a nice package overall. Well done.


Noelle Fujii “Global student body” Hawaii Business            

Comment: Graphics help move along this numbers story. Good idea for an enterprise story. Clear writing and detailed reporting.


S102 Student Feature Reporting in Any Media   


First Place:

Alex Bitter “California dreaming” Hawaii Business



Noelle Fujii  “We may love opihi too much” Hawaii Business           


Deborah Manog, Bobby Bergonio  “Aloha Medical Mission breathes new life into Tuguegarao City”

University of Hawaii-Manoa        


Comment: Very difficult to compare print and video stories.  In any case, some good work in both media. 



Government Reporting 


First Place:

Rick Daysog, Keoki Kerr  “Romy Cachola investigation” Hawaii News Now


Keoki Kerr, Alan Johnson, Dustin  Malama  “University new sand volleyball court problems” Hawaii News Now         


T103 General News/Enterprise Reporting             


First Place:

Keoki Kerr, Darin Akita, George  Hurd “Doggie Day Care Death and Coverup” Hawaii News Now      



Kristine Uyeno  “Teen stowaway faced numerous risks on flight” KHON2   


Ben Gutierrez, Peter Tang  “Thief caught on surveillance cam makes ‘return’ appearance Hawaii News Now     


T104 Feature Reporting 


First Place:

Howard Dashefsky, Reid Shimizu, Ken Chan “Make-A-Wish Hawaii grants girl’s dream to meet a unicorn” KHON2



Sam Spangler “Cover 2 On Campus: Noah ‘Punahou’ Mahelona” KHON2


Brenda Salgado, Ben Gutierrez, Peter Tang  “Woman gets to personally thank paramedics who saved her life” Hawaii News Now


T105 Spot News Reporting          


First Place:

Sarah Yoro, Justin Kanno “Lava claims first Pahoa home, others not currently threatened” KHON2  



Investigative Reporting 


First Place:

Gina Mangieri, Justin Kanno “DOE timeclocks gathering dust” KHON2



Gina Manigeri, Justin Kanno  “Price of Power” KHON2


Keoki Kerr, Daryl Huff, Darin  Akita “City pays settlement to mentally ill woman Tased by police” Hawaii News Now           


T107 Videography          


First Place:

Diane Ako, Ryan Kawamoto, Justin  Kanno “Exploring Kahoolawe” KHON2


T108 Series Reporting/Documentary/Special News         


First Place:

Ron Mizutani, Diane Ako, Taires Hiranaka, Jennifer Brink Kailua: A Hidden Gem Uncovered KHON2



Ron Mizutani, Marisa Yamane, Taires Hiranaka, Jennifer Brink “Ala Moana: Hawaii's Gathering Place”



Diane Ako, Ryan  Kawamoto, Justin  Kanno  “Exploring Kahoolawe” KHON2


Thanks to the Hawaii judges of the Connecticut SPJ chapter contest

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Christina Chun, Stirling Morita, Charlene Robinson, Lucy Young-Oda


Lara Yamada

Pacific Basin Communications

Kristin Lipman, Christi Young

Thanks to the Hawaii judges of the Kansas City Press Club contest

Associated Press

Dave Briscoe, retired

Circle of Blue

Codi Kozacek

Environment Hawaii

Teresa Dawson

Hawaii News Now

Keoki Kerr, Brenda Salgado

Hawaii Public Radio

Bill Dorman

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Susan Essoyan, Sjarif Goldstein, Stirling Morita, Curtis Murayama, Christie Wilson


Jennifer Brink, Sean Ibara, Justin Kanno, Marisa Yamane


Robert Kekaula, Nathan Serota

Pacific Basin Communications

Mike Keany, Diane Lee, Lennie Omalza

Trade Publishing

David Putnam

West Hawaii Today

Nancy Cook Lauer