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Fifty first-place trophies were awarded Saturday in the 2001 Excellence in Journalism Awards, presented by the Hawaii Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at the Robert Louis Stevenson Room of the Princess Kaiulani Hotel.

The categories were judged by members of the Spokane, Wash., chapter.

Here are the winners:


2001 Excellence in Journalism Awards

Daily Newspaper

D1 Business Reporting

Winner: Andrew Gomes, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Raising a Hotel"

Comments: Very reader-friendly account of a major development in Honolulu. An inside look at some of the incredible detail involved.

Finalist: Kevin Dayton, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Savvy developer wins federal money to wire homelands"

Finalist: The Honolulu Advertiser staff,

"Liberty House sale"

D2 Spot News Reporting

Winner: Honolulu Star-Bulletin staff

"Day of terror"

Comments: Very comprehensive, under hard deadlines and much uncertainty and a good job.

Finalist: The Honolulu Advertiser staff

"9 missing after sub hits Japanese ship"

Finalist: Honolulu Star-Bulletin staff

"Deal for UHPA" and "Two Cops Shot in Waipio"

Comments: A lot happened that day and you covered it great.

D3 General News/ Enterprise Reporting

Winner: Gary T. Kubota, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Special Report -- Miconia Invasion"

Finalist: Jaymes Song, Jean Christensen, The Associated Press

"Ehime Maru/Submarine Collision"

Finalist: Alice Keesing, Jennifer Hiller, Kevin Dayton, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Hawaii Schools Strike"

D4 Feature Writing/Short Form

Winner: Rod Antone

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Isaac Ho’opi’i"

Finalist: John Berger, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Can of fruit symbolizes survival"

Finalist: Valerie Monson, The Maui News

"A bar with a heart"

D5 Feature Writing/Long Form

Winner: Dan Nakaso, Tanya Bricking, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Quick decisions, enduring pain"

Finalist: Susan Kreifels, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Escape from Pinatubo"

Finalist: Gordon Y.K. Pang, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"From Saint to Sinner"

D6 Daily News Page Design

Winner: Michael Rovner

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Day of terror"

Finalist: Michael Rovner, Lucy Young-Oda, Dean Sensui, Bryant Fukutomi, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Get Ready for Takeoff"

Finalist: Chris Sykes, The Honolulu Advertiser

"America’s Bloodiest Day"

D7 Daily Feature Page Design

Winner: David F. Montesino, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Pearl Harbor: Plus Sixty Years"

Finalist: David F. Montesino, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Bob Krauss: 50 years … 8,290 columns … 1 million stories …"

Comments: It was difficult to chose between first and second -- both are powerful and clear. Excellent designs.

Finalist: Betty Shimabukuro, Corky Trinidad, Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Bulletin


Comments: Very creative and unusual use of two traditional elements.

Non-Daily Newspapers

ND 1 Business Reporting

Winner: Debbie Sokei, Pacific Business News

"Dailies go head to head"

Comments: Most in-depth reporting. Particularly liked interviews with two protagonists, and enterprise demonstrated by newsstand visits.

Finalist: Steve Jefferson, Pacific Business News

"Nearly $1B on the line for creditors, taxpayers"

Finalist: Terrence Sing, Ben DiPietro, Pacific Business News

"Long-sought merger close to take off"

ND2 General News/Enterprise

Winner: Robert M. Rees, Honolulu Weekly

"What about Amber?"

Comments: In-depth great reporting, personal, touching and thought-provoking.

Finalist: Christy L. Cain, Pacific Business News

"Savio Bankruptcy"

Finalist: Angela Rickabaugh Shears, Honolulu Weekly

"Stealth Attack"

ND3 Feature Writing

Winner: Ben DiPietro, Pacific Business News

"Businesses clean up on Kahoolawe"

Comments: Two good sidebars – interesting.

Finalist: Ric Valdez, Sally Apgar, Honolulu Weekly

"Sexual Healing"

Finalist: Kristen Sawada, Pacific Business News

"Medical waste gets a new life"

ND4 Community Reporting:

Winner: Christy L. Cain, Pacific Business News

"Time running out for Hawaii landfills"

Comments: A topic that truly relates to the entire community and good writing.

Finalist: Genevieve A. Suzuki, The Hawaii Herald

"Pearl Harbor, the Movie: Hype, Hatred and the Legacy of Executive Order 9066"

Finalist: Steve Jefferson, Pacific Business News

"Outrigger Enterprises Condemnation"

ND5 Page Design

Winner: Ruben Duldulao, Ben DiPietro, Pacific Business News

"Go-for-broke surfers go for help when it comes to money"

Comments: Very creative use of money and water.


M1 Business Reporting

Winner: Kelli Abe Trifonovitch, Jacy Youn, Cathy Cruz, Hawaii Business

"Top 20 Wealthiest Landowners"

Comments: Impressed by rethinking of old idea, research to back conclusions. Profiles humanize numbers.

Finalist: Mike Markrich, Honolulu Magazine

"Old Stuff, New Money"

Finalist: Cathy Cruz, Jacy Youn, David Choo, Hawaii Business

"Top 250"

M2 General News/Enterprise Reporting

Winner: Scott Whitney, Honolulu Magazine

"ADB: Shanghaied in Honolulu"

Comments: This one showed some enterprise -- not just news.

Finalist: A. Kam Napier, Honolulu Magazine,

"Out of Joint"

M3 Feature Writing/Short Form

Winner: Naomi Sodetani, Hana Hou!

"Spreading the Word"

Comments: Puts an interesting person with an unusual pursuit into a larger social context. Full of good examples. Frances Frazier revived a dormant Hawaiian language; Sodetani's article explains how and why she did it, and why it matters -- the Hawaiian language now with full immersion classes all over the islands, and a general revival of Hawaiian culture.

Finalist: Scott Whitney, Honolulu Magazine

"Mitsuo Aoki: Final Matters"

Comments: Starts as a conventional bio about an Islander who converted to Christianity and became a religion professor at the U. of Hawaii, then twists and turns to his near-death experience, his wife's dying, and the significance of the forgiveness experiences they shared. Unusually good writing about religion.

Finalist: Evelyn Cook, Hana Hou!

"Bob Krauss – ‘Mr. Honolulu’ "

Comments: Full of great anecdotes about a genuinely unconventional and funny guy. Conveys a good sense of what Bob Krauss is like.


M4 Feature Writing/Long Form

Winner: Scott Whitney, Honolulu Magazine

"The Billionaire’s Big Island"

Comments: Asks tough and important questions about land use in "paradise."

Finalist: Bert Oshiro, Spirit of Aloha

"Fishing pastimes"

Comments: Beautiful writing, smooth and quiet.

Finalist: Mike Markrich, Honolulu Magazine

"Last Call at the Club 100"

Comments: Important history in great detail.

M5 Page Design

Winner: Steve Shrader, Hana Hou!

"Portraits of Survival"

Comments: The photos are simply stunning, and the layout simple and efficient.

Finalist: Darrell Ishii, Spirit of Aloha

"The Unassuming and Beloved Ukulele"

Comments: Love the first shot – it’s eye-catching and quirky.

Finalist: Michel V.M. Le, Honolulu Magazine

"When the Shark Bites"

Comments: A picture does say more than 1,000 words -- we just say wauw!

M6 Magazine Cover

Winner: Darrell Ishii, Kenny Williams, Spirit of Aloha

"Paniolo, Hawaii’s Own Cowboys"

Comments: A stunning photo makes this an absolutely outstanding cover.

Finalist: Hana Hou! Staff

"The Reefs Beyond"

Finalist: Jayson Harper, Hawaii Business

"Waikiki Goes Hawaiian"

Open Print

P1 Column Writing

Winner: Richard Borreca

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"On Politics"

Finalist: Kate Robertson, Island Scene

"Body of Knowledge"

Finalist: Carol Silva, Spirit of Aloha

"This Place"

P2 Government Reporting

Winner: Rick Daysog, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Harris funds questionable"

Finalist: Mark Adams, The Maui News

"Reapportionment in Hawaii"

Finalist: Scott Whitney, Honolulu Magazine

"Diagnosis: Poor Mental Health, Prognosis: Guarded"

P3 Breaking News Reporting

Winner: The Honolulu Advertiser staff

"Greeneville Collision"

Finalist: Honolulu Star-Bulletin staff


P4 Sports Reporting

Winner: Dave Reardon, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Picking Up the Pieces"

Finalist: Grady Timmons, Hana Hou!

"Wailua’s Home Grown"

Finalist: Ferd Lewis, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Akebono Retires"

P5 Arts and Entertainment Writing

Winner: John Seed, Honolulu Magazine

"Fragile Paradise"

Finalist: Rick Chatenever, The Maui News

"Larger Than Life"

Finalist: Constance Hale, Honolulu Magazine

"George Winston: The Savior of Slack Key"

P6 Editorial Opinion

Winner: Jerry Burris, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Hawaii schools"

Finalist: A. Kam Napier, Honolulu Magazine

"Eyes on You"

Finalist: Lee Catterall, Honolulu Star-Bulletin


P7 Editorial Cartoon

Winner: Corky Trinidad, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Corky’s Hawaii

Finalist: Dick Adair, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Hawaii Economy"

Finalist: John Pritchett, Honolulu Weekly

"Education 2nd to none"

P8 Illustration

Winner: Rob Barber, Honolulu Magazine

"Sean Penn"

Finalist: Scott Goto, Hana Hou!

"Fishing for Trouble"

Finalist: Nick F. Gervais, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Punk on @ Rock"

P9 Informational Graphic

Winner: Martha P. Hernandez, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Return from the Depths"

Finalist: David Swann, Bryant Fukutomi, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"The Recovery of the Ehime Maru"


"How the Ehime Maru tragedy happened"

David Swann

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

P10 Headline Writing

Winner: Rick Chatenever, The Maui News

"Leo Kottke: String Being"

Finalist: Derek Ferrar, Hana Hou!

"Joie de Yves"

P11 News Photography

Winner: Jeff Widener, The Honolulu Advertiser


Finalist: Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Mercury cleanup"

Finalist: George F. Lee, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Despondent Ehime Maru survivors"

P12 Feature Photography

Winner: Jeff Widener, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Wet behind the ears"

Finalist: Michelle Tricca, Honolulu Magazine

"Looking for Hootchie Mama"

Finalist: Bruce Asato, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Matriarch’s love, faith run deep"

P13 Sports Photography

Winner: George F. Lee, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Crusaders take ILH title"

Finalist: Amanda Cowan, The Maui News


Finalist: Matthew Thayer, The Maui News

"Flipping Out"

P14 Photo Essay

Winner: Jeff Widener, The Honolulu Advertiser

"The closing of the Columbia Inn"

Finalist: Dana Edmunds, Hana Hou!

"Sacred Sledding"

Finalist: Guy Sibilla, Honolulu Magazine

"Sleeping with the Moai"

P15 Investigative Reporting

Winner: Rick Daysog, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Harris funds questionable"

Finalist: Kevin Dayton, The Honolulu Advertiser

"Prison Problems"

Finalist: Rick Daysog, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Secrets of the Trust"

P16 Public Service Reporting

Winner: The Maui News staff

"Traffic on Maui"

Finalist: Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Raising Cane"

Finalist: The Honolulu Advertiser staff

"The state of the Hawaiian"


R1 News Reporting

Winner: Kayla Rosenfeld, National Public Radio and Hawaii Public Radio

"Greeneville/Ehime Maru Collision"

Comments: Many interviews, great detail, solid reporting covering many parts of this complicated story.

Finalist: Heidi Chang, National Public Radio

"Ehime Maru"

R2 Feature Reporting

Winner: Heidi Chang, National Public Radio

"Hawaiian Awa"

Comments: We had to look it up -- yeah -- we check things out. Great story, we loved how you went out on the farms. Good interviews. Good job.

Finalist: Renate Kossmehl, Hawaii Public Radio

"Honolulu Marathon"


T1 Government Reporting

Winner: Robert Loy, Bill Beyer, KGMB-TV

"Maui Land Goof"

Comments: Good work uncovering the waste of taxpayer dollars involved in the government purchase of a small parcel of land. Even better work as uncovering the government’s lame plan for fixing the problem, which called for the waste of even more money.

T2 Government Feature

Winner: Darren Pai, Darin Akita, KHNL-TV

"Volcano Road"

T3 Business Reporting

Winner: Lara Yamada, John Allen, KGMB-TV


Finalist: Lara Yamada, KGMB-TV

"Sewing for success"

T4 Breaking News Reporting

No Winner

T5 Spot News Reporting

Winner: Gregg Takayama, KHON-TV

"Chop Shop"

T6 General News/Enterprise Reporting

Winner: Jim Mendoza, KGMB-TV

"Zipper Lane Cheaters"

Finalist: Linda Hosek, KHNL-TV

"Isaac Hoopii: The Humble Hero"

Finalist: Stacy Loe, Beau Cuizon, KGMB-TV

"Hula Halau at Ground Zero"

T7 Feature Reporting

Winner: Pamela Young, Stuart Ishikawa, KITV

"Mixed Plate: The Challenge"

Comments: Beautiful photography, strong use of sound and intelligent writing separated this story from the pack.

Finalist: Jim Mendoza, KGMB-TV

"Shark Attack Survivor"

Comments: Interesting use of visuals and a very compelling story.

Finalist: Donalyn Dela Cruz, KHON-TV

"Postal Santa"

Comments: Poetry makes the story stand out. Her name even rhymes with news in the tagout. Dela Cruz turned a rather humdrum Christmas Day assignment into a story worth watching.

T8 Investigative Reporting

Winner: Britt Riedl, Eric Thienes, Glenn Holcomb, KGMB-TV

"Illegal Hiking Tours"

Comments: The Eye on Hawaii team caught the culprit red-handed, two years in a row, conning tourists out of money and illegally abusing public lands with his hiking business. Good use of undercover camera and surprise interview. But the best part was putting the government on the spot for doing nothing to stop it.

T-9 Series Reporting

Winner: Stacy Loe, Glenn Holcomb, KGMB-TV

"Kalaupapa: End of an Era"

Comments: This reporter knows how to tell a compelling story and tell it over three days. The pictures were heartbreaking but the personal stories of the last survivors of this leprosy colony were heartwarming. A grand combination of historical photos, striking videography and poignant storytelling.

Finalist: Pamela Young, KITV

"Mixed Plate: Year of the Lion"

T10 Sports Reporting

Winner: Britt Riedl, John Allen, KGMB-TV

"Wahine Bobsled Team"

Finalist: Glenn Tengan, John Allen, KGMB-TV

"George Toma: The God of Sod"

T11 News Videography

No winner selected.

T-12 Feature Videography

Winner: Stuart Ishikawa, KITV

"Teen Piercing"

Comments: Shots of body piercing so up-close and personal that it made us cringe to watch. But the photographer also caught beautiful images of tools, implements and results as well as a devilish image of a tool for branding. Top quality work in a very tight shooting environment.

Finalist: Jim Mendoza, John Allen, KGMB-TV

"Michael Coots: Survivor"

Comments: A well-conceived series to shots to illustrate a shark-bite incident made this report stand out. Good editing and strong composition.

T13 Special News Program

Winner: Sharie Shima, Dell Ison, KHNL-TV

"Surviving the Storm"

Finalist: KGMB 9 News staff

"Always Remember"

Finalist: Gary Sprinkle, KITV

"Pacific Adventures: The Big Island"

T-14 Public Service Reporting

Winner: Sharie Shima, Dell Ison, KHNL-TV

"Surviving the Storm"

Comments: Stunning footage of previous hurricanes made this a compelling documentary, but what made it a public service winner was its attention to giving viewers practical advice on how to keep their families safe during such a storm. We were very impressed with the research and presentation of this documentary.

Finalist: Angela Keen, Lawrence E. Pacheco, Bob Loy, Julia Norton-Dennis, KGMB-TV

"Hope for the future: The Fight Against Hepatitis"


I1 Online Reporting

Winner: Honolulu Advertiser online staff

"Pearl Harbor Plus Sixty Years"

Comments: Beautiful presentation, tons of information and a clear winner.

Finalist: Craig Gima, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"Honolulu Panoramic"

Comments: Love the photos and great presentation, including video and other "special effects.

Finalist: Brent Suyama, Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc.

"HSTA/UHPA Strike"


S1 News Writing

Winner: Angela Rickabaugh Shears, Honolulu Weekly

"Stealth Attack"

Comments: A monster project, beautifully done.

Finalist: Erica Veronica Cordova, Ka Leo O Hawaii

"Environmental projects needed for requirement"

Comments: Great news item

Finalist: Erica Veronica Cordova, Ka Leo O Hawaii

"Suicide at Aloha Lehua Tower"

S2 Broadcast News Writing. No entries, no winners

Hawaii SPJ