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    Hawaii Professional Chapter,  
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3/28-29/14 The chapter will host the 2014 SPJ journalism conference at the University of Hawaii


President: Stirling Morita
VP: Nancy Cook Lauer 
Treas: Steve Petranik
Sec.: Brianne Randle
Directors: Teresa Dawson
Linda Dela Cruz
Christine Strobel
John Windrow
Past Pres: Dave Briscoe
Hawaii Chapter SPJ
P.O. Box 3141
Honolulu, HI 96802


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Chapter Brochure; 2009 Region conference report, bylaws (Updated: 6/6/09)


2013 Excellence in Journalism Contest

Contest details

SPJ Region 11 Journalism Conference

Excellent documents from panelists on how to do your job better

Internships (Application deadline extended to March 17)

SPJ Internship announcement 2014.doc

2014 SPJ Internship application.doc

Hawaii SPJ internships; 2014 spring internships announced


Cast & crew thank you for coming to Gridiron 2013: #SequesterThis

  Photo by Bruce Asato

See what Gensiro Kawamoto tries to whistle about

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 Gridiron: All Your Favorites  


The winners of the 2012 Excellence in Journalism Contest ARE (posted
June 28, 2013)

Download the 2012 Contest News Release

To see 2011's and previous years' contest winners, click here

Hawaii Shield Law bill dies; audio of Senate Judiciary Committee decision making

Blow by blow details of Shield Law's death by a 1,000 cuts

By Craig T. Kojima
Photo Courtesy of Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Senate committee approves privacy bill "for celebrities"

House strips down Hawaii's Shield Law




SPJ-RTDNA Convention 2011:
Tips on how to be a better reporter/editor/webmaster


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Freedom of Information:    Bills in 2011 Legislature -- Shield Law bill: House agrees to Senate position that the law be continued for two years and that it be reviewed by the Judiciary's Rules of Evidence Committee (Updated: 4/24/11)



Events/Past Programs


Hall of Fame (Daryl Huff inducted 6-28-13)

Reports: Nancy Cook Lauer reports on the 2010 national convention              

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